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Legends of the Yukon

An annual event since 1960, the Yukon 800 is the longest, roughest and toughest river boat race in the world! Generally held during the summer solstice in June, the race starts in Fairbanks along the Chena River, down to Tanana, and then onto the Mighty Yukon, and down to the Village of Galena. Where the racers spend the night and then re-start at 6 a.m. the next morning for the return trip back upstream to Fairbanks.

Ride along and experience the heartbreak and triumphs as seen through the eyes of 2016 Champion Ryan Binkley, 10 Time Champion Harold Attla, Veteran Racer and 5 Time Champion Bill Page, and Riverboat race historian Albert Attla. With Archival footage and exclusive interviews “Legends of the Yukon” is a classic in the making! Enjoy!


Alaska Snowmobile Racing from its humble beginnings in the 1960″s has grown from a small weekend event into one of the most prestigious events in all of Snowmobile Racing. The Nome-Golovin 200 started in 1966 when the Bering Sea Lions club organized their first annual cross-country snowmobile race covering the trail between Nome to Teller and back. The 1966 Race was the beginnings of what is now known as the Nome-Golovin 200. Alaska Snowmobile Racing was born with this race and the ever increasing popularity of such races like the Iron Dog has made headlines. The race course is roughly 200 miles and it runs on the final ninety miles of the historic Iditarod Sled Dog Trail between Nome and the small community of Golovin. On average there about 65 participants per year and the ever increasing purse may reach up to as high as $35,000. The overall winner gets bragging rights, a nice trophy, and recieves prize money reaching anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000.

About Alaska Race Productions

Alaska Race Productions is owned and operated by Quinn Schaeffer. Quinn grew up in the small town of Kotzebue Alaska and has been racing in the Nome-Golovin 200 and Kotzebue 220 snowmobile races since 1994.

Ak Race Productions specializes in producing race action documentaries rich in history and unique to racing and local culture in Alaska.

Since 2010 AK Race Productions has produced 3 race action documentaries “Where Champions Are Made” about the Archie Ferguson / Willie Goodwin Memorial snowmobile race .. otherwise known as the Kotzebue race, “Legacy of Champions” about the Nome-Golovin 200 snowmobile race, and “Legends of the Yukon” a race video about the history and living legacy of the Yukon 800 boat race in Fairbanks.

Quinn Schaeffer
Owner/Operator –¬†Executive Producer
P: 907-632-6389